Sunday, December 12, 2010

Emma's New Winter Coat II

After consulting my 1943 Sears catalog, I have decided to go with a completely different fabric than what I thought I had in my stash. I have chosen a red & black flocked silk taffeta for the dress, and a black silk velvet for the coat. The bottom photograph is closest to the actual color.

I pre-washed both fabrics, I can hear the screams coming from around the world, WASHED! Yes, I wash all the fabrics that I use, I never pay for dry-cleaning. If you per-wash your fabrics before you make a garment you have sized the fabric, and it should never shrink again.

Not to mention you may get a completely different looking fabric when the washing & drying are complete. Hey, everyone has their own method of madness.

I have completed cutting out the dress, and the coat. I will show the construction photos tomorrow. We are snowed in, so it is time to sew!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Emma's New Winter Coat

I have debated on whether or not to dress my daughter in vintage looking clothes, and have heard all the debates about making her an outcast, and it may effect her relationships with other children, etc.


Emma is 19 months old, and everyone that see’s her always has a lovely comment about how cute she looks, and she is so well behaved. Kids love her! The focus is never on what she is wearing, but I do get the occasional, where did you find that dress?

So I have decided to make her a vintage 1940's winter coat complete with embroidery. I have to purchase the fabric, and than I can blog about the construction. I purchased the pattern from a dear lady on Etsy.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Christmas Ensemble

This is a recent pattern acquisition, a vintage 1940's classic ensemble. I think it will make a lovely addition to my winter wardrobe, and may wear it to at least one of the many Christmas parties that we plan to attend. Due to the extreme cold this time of the year, I will have to make the dress with long sleeves. Now, I need to search through my stash of fabrics, and choose the right one for my delicate sensibilities. A.K.A.- Im A Freeze Cat!

I would love to find some white & red polka dot silk in my stash, oh the joy of searching........ It's like shopping for free.......


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Plus Size Corsets

I am currently working on 4 plus size corsets for a wedding in October of 2011. I tried to make them as fun as possible, since they might want to wear them as outerwear after the wedding. Mind you, the corsets were made to fit the person, and not the dress forms they are displayed on. This one is B 49"- W 44" - H 49".

We need to get the girls gowns made and fitted early on so I can concentrate on the monumental task ahead of me, making the most extremely detailed wedding gown to date. Did I mention it is a Steampunk wedding!

The bride wants to keep her gown, and reception ensemble completely secret, she wants shock factor, be careful what you wish for! I will post the entire construction process on my blog after the wedding, you only have to wait 10 ½ more months.

I am going to try, and update this blog daily, but with my crazy schedule who knows.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Hello World

After much trepidation I have decided to give in, and create this Blog. I just want to thank all of my customers who have poked & prodded me into the 21 century, and are actually interested in what I have going on in my sewing studio, and in my life.

Studio: I am working on a new line of vintage fashions for the 1930s,40s, and 50s. Getting ready to launch them on Etsy. I will let you know when I have a date in concrete.

My Life: My Emma is 19 months old, and totally mums girl, sorry daddy! I am going to make her a Christmas dress from this 1940s pattern!