Sunday, December 12, 2010

Emma's New Winter Coat II

After consulting my 1943 Sears catalog, I have decided to go with a completely different fabric than what I thought I had in my stash. I have chosen a red & black flocked silk taffeta for the dress, and a black silk velvet for the coat. The bottom photograph is closest to the actual color.

I pre-washed both fabrics, I can hear the screams coming from around the world, WASHED! Yes, I wash all the fabrics that I use, I never pay for dry-cleaning. If you per-wash your fabrics before you make a garment you have sized the fabric, and it should never shrink again.

Not to mention you may get a completely different looking fabric when the washing & drying are complete. Hey, everyone has their own method of madness.

I have completed cutting out the dress, and the coat. I will show the construction photos tomorrow. We are snowed in, so it is time to sew!


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