Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Emma's New Winter Coat

I have debated on whether or not to dress my daughter in vintage looking clothes, and have heard all the debates about making her an outcast, and it may effect her relationships with other children, etc.


Emma is 19 months old, and everyone that see’s her always has a lovely comment about how cute she looks, and she is so well behaved. Kids love her! The focus is never on what she is wearing, but I do get the occasional, where did you find that dress?

So I have decided to make her a vintage 1940's winter coat complete with embroidery. I have to purchase the fabric, and than I can blog about the construction. I purchased the pattern from a dear lady on Etsy.



  1. I am brand spankin' new at following your blog but just HAD to comment on this. How cute she will look in vintage little girl clothes. She has plenty of time to worry about what other will say when she gets older, but as a toddler....YOU get to decide how she will dress. How lucky she is to have a mommy to make her such cute things. I can not wait to see.