Saturday, December 4, 2010

Plus Size Corsets

I am currently working on 4 plus size corsets for a wedding in October of 2011. I tried to make them as fun as possible, since they might want to wear them as outerwear after the wedding. Mind you, the corsets were made to fit the person, and not the dress forms they are displayed on. This one is B 49"- W 44" - H 49".

We need to get the girls gowns made and fitted early on so I can concentrate on the monumental task ahead of me, making the most extremely detailed wedding gown to date. Did I mention it is a Steampunk wedding!

The bride wants to keep her gown, and reception ensemble completely secret, she wants shock factor, be careful what you wish for! I will post the entire construction process on my blog after the wedding, you only have to wait 10 ½ more months.

I am going to try, and update this blog daily, but with my crazy schedule who knows.


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